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Sunt la munca, vine Pastele. Suntem o mana de oameni care lucreaza ca fraierii fix in perioada asta. Doamne fereste ca managementul sa aiba liber. Lasa ca lucram. Oricum e plictiseala mare. Mi-a venit o idee. O idee in engleza, ca si asa n-avem voie sa vorbim alta limba p-aici. Fara prea multe adaosuri si fara a studia fenomenul  (pentru ca sigur se va gasi un destept sa comenteze cu copy/paste de pe wikipedia toata istoria cuvantelor portocaliu, portocala). These are just some thoughts on acid.

Which came first – the orange or the orange? Let me make this clear to you. Was it the orange – colour or the orange – fruit?

Was the orange called after the colour, or the color after the orange?

If the fruit was first, I imagine a gang of Spanish explorers finding some strange round fruit. After poking them with a knife, tasting them with fear and looking at them amazed, the main explorer said “I will call this fruit ORANGE, because it has a orangy flavour or something”. That’s funny as hell for me. Especially now, when I’m bored as fuck.

Second opinion – if the colour came first, I don’t know what the hell was in the mind of the person who invented this name, it’s stupid. And of course, Spanish explorer finds the fruit, looks at it, thinks the fruit is orange and says “I will call this fruit ORANGE, because it’s orange and I don’t have any imagination”. Pam Pam.


The End. Scriu mai incolo, daca am chef.